Here it is

so I stared a blog! Wonderful. I can share my thoughts with anyone on the planet. Hello world. And who the hack cares what I think, what I do, what I eat, what I write, etc… Is this just yet another pathetic blog in the see of junk, or maybe something so popular that people set their home page to it? I have no idea! If in a few years I add my shitter account so anyone can follow what type of literature I go over while heating a toilet seat, you’ll now that I got social. If not, oh, well.

and Motivation

I got this domain as a birthday gift with a primary purpose to create my personal blog. Well, thank you my dear friend for forcing me to spend some time for a creative writing work instead on hacking, playing, surfing…. Dear reader, if you are gifting someone, maybe better put some cache in the envelope instead getting a domain…. Anyway, it took me a year to start, and finally got the last warning

    You better do something with or I might not extended it for your 3something birthday.

So here I am.